Ana Guraieb -Young Artist

Artist Statement

My work is autobiographical. It explores moments that are reduced in the present to a distorted version of themselves. Memory cannot be trusted because it becomes forgotten or idealized. Personal memories and emotions become tangible through written and unwritten words. Through materiality, I explore the folding and unfolding of time, inte- rior and exterior perspectives, and textural fabrications as narrative.

When it comes to textile materials, anything can be translated into them, since so often they are versatile and symbolic. As a maker, I believe that is important to find the connection between materiality and intimacy.


I am a Textile Designer and Fiber Artist from Mexico City currently living in New York. I am driven by textiles and the exploration of other materials in order to create unique surfaces.

I earned an MFA in Fibers from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2018 and ever since then textiles have become an instrument for narrative and a metaphor for longing in my work.

The major influences in my work are my own life’s moments of intense emotion that transform into a tangible idea. I have observed, in my own life, a traditional kind of romance. I enjoy when my chosen medium of expression becomes a vehicle for deconstructing memory, abstracting emotions, and unveiling stories.