Jan Davis

Artist statement and biography

Most of my paintings depict flowers.  To me, flowers convey a sense of hope and optimism.  The unlimited shapes and colors
allow for a great deal of imagination and experimentation.  The background areas also provide even more opportunities for
painterly expression.  

Many of the flowers look wind-blown. I try to give a sense of movement through the use of line.  I am
currently working on adding texture by applying pieces of cut-up fabric to the canvas.  I paint almost everyday.


* Won the Grumbacher Award for "Best Use of Paint
* Had solo shows in Pinebush and Ellenville, N.Y.
* Was one of the artists in a two-woman show at the
* Ariel Gallery in Soho, N.Y.
* Had six solo exhibitions at the Piermont Flywheel
* Gallery in Piermont, N.Y.