Marco Lando

Marco Lando lives and works in Padua, Italy. His work is influenced by his New York theatre background, being that most of his photography work is a tool for telling stories. 

For the most part Lando' s work consists of bringing to life images that already exist in his mind. Computer work can play a big role in creating the “scene”; it’ s the case of the project called “Alchemy”, where fragments of architectures and portions of cities move on the background of a cloudy sky or mountain peaks:. Suddenly weightless and enthralled by a revolutionary, unknown and uncontrollable energy, these cities of the present and the past are bound to a centrifugal force pushing them to wander in space, captured by a subversive cosmic power.

 The photographic practice of Marco Lando is intended as an epic and revolutionary gesture: the act of throwing a stone towards the empty sky. In order to create a visual and emotional upheaval into the viewer, Marco Lando's chosen subject is architecture: this is part of a man's vocabulary and connects to what matters most to him, his daily life and shelter.

In the series Psychodrama the artist refers to the psychotherapy technique that takes its name and is implemented through a theatrical representation of the patient's psychic conflict. Psychodrama is often conducted on a stage, or a space that serves as a stage area, where props can be used. The Psychodrama series describes the conflict with our own alter ego and poses the problem of change and acceptance, in some cases through a splitting in which the psychic elements of the character are revealed, in other cases through the use of theatrical expedients, such as animal masks. The artist creates a filter between the scene and the viewer, with a metal mesh applied to the print in the form of a shield.