Matthias Merdan


My Sculpturing
My sculptures represent something humorous in their gesture and character due to their ability to suddenly transform a strained expectation into amazement. These shapes can destabilize a situation or a room.

The sculptures are created by using different materials, such as carbon, glass fibre and quick-hardening epoxy. The sculptures are generally produced for, and/or created to compliment the specifications of the exhibition space. They demand the attention of the room, or the object they occupy. My work is never something that is designed to be merely placed in a vacant space. Sculptures are spontaneously placed outdoors on frequent basis. Therefore, they are sometimes considered as slapstick and people steal them.

A decisive factor for action sculpturing is the successful staging. More specifically, the site of the sculpture must be especially unique and provocative, so the work can be viewed completely and correctly. This could include street signs, streets lights, and building facades.

In my opinion it is the representation of the incomprehensible. It rebels against aesthetic escape, a naive belief in beauty, and the faith in perfection.

I want the viewers to continuously question the dominating hierarchy of values with their avoidable guarantee of security. I need to counteract the conservatism of social norms, systems and thought processes.

My sculptures are a plea to give up the conception of our world as one of numbers, data, and facts, in order to make room for the incomprehensible.

With my art, I don’t intend to focus on the difficulties of social justice, environmental degradation or economic inequity with unyielding seriousness. Adding a sense of humour to the equation with action sculptures, dismantles the sense of insisting authority and reminds us that we are all complicit in these inequities. My spontaneous shapes can offer an astute, as well as cathartic and even magical way to deal with big issues.


Matthias Merdan
Zollikerstrasse 275, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland
Studio: Schwerzenbachstrasse 45, 8117 Fällanden, Switzerland
Tile-Wardenberg-Str. 24, 10555 Berlin, Germany
+41 79 263 26 89


2002 Advanced studies in manufacturing of carbon and fiberglass, Zurich, Switzerland
1997-2002 Master of philosophy and theology, Bamberg University, Germany
1994-1995 Study of the didactics of art at Bamberg University, Germany
1993-1994 Study „Zeichnerische Grundlagen (elements of drawing)“ at TU Berlin, Germany
1988-1990 Apprenticeship as a designer, Nuremberg, Germany

Solo Exhibitions

2013 PVC trifft Karbon – Sie schauen Metall, Gallery Casa del Arte, Zurich

Tacheles, Artist Society Zurich
Experimente, A1 MOVE, Zurich

Etchings, Gallery A1, Zurich
New Abstraction, Gallery Diana Achtzig, Berlin
Matthias Merdan – New Abstraction, Gallery Casa del Arte, Zurich

Biography, Gallery Susanne Rothen (atelier 497), Zurich
Artroom F&R, Zurich

Gallery Guenther Eck, Berlin
Gallery Susanne Rothen (atelier 497), Zurich

Group Exhibitions

2013 Artist Society Artischock

Swiss Artist Contest, Gallery Del Mese – Fischer, Meiserschwanden, Switzerland
2. Internationale Rurbiennale, Dortmund, Germany
Art International Zurich, Art Fair
Berliner Liste, Art Fair
Gallery Art, Gallery Susanne Rothen (atelier 497), Zurich
Cologne Paper Art, Art Fair
Luft, Gallery Casa del Arte, Zurich
Contemporary Gallery, Gallery Diana Achtzig, Berlin
art:pul, Art Fair, Cologne
Wir machen Druck, Gallery Mathias Gentinetta, Zurich

Contemporary Artists, Gallery Diana Achtzig, Berlin
Kalter Schauer, Gallery Diana Achtzig, Berlin
Die Jurierte, Artist Society Artischock, Zurich
Gallery Art, Gallery Susanne Rothen (atelier 497), Zurich

Stadtlandschaften, Gallery Diana Achtzig, Berlin
Abstrakte und gegenständliche Räume, Gallery Diana Achtzig, Berlin
Gallery Art, Gallery Susanne Rothen (atelier 497), Zurich

Horizontal, Gallery Stephan, Nurenberg


2000 Nafpaktos (Greece), to study: iconogaphy

Professional Experience
since 2008 Professional sculptor
2006-2011 International workshops for carbon and fiberglass manufacturing
2001-2002 Colloquium for systematic philosophy, Bamberg University
2000-2001 Art teacher at Waldorfschule Nuremberg for Art
2000 Swissair, brand campaign (White Campaign)
1988-2005 Working as graphic artist and designer

Swiss Artist Contest, Journal Futuro 25/2012 (p. 22-29)
Catalogue 2. Internationale Rurbiennale 2012 (ISBN 3-925664-20-4)
Catalogue Cologne Paper Art 2012 (ISBN 978-3937907420)
Catalogue Berliner Liste 2012
Catalogue art:pul 2012