Elizabeth Featherstone Hoff

Artist Statement:

My work is about life, the life I have lived thus far, the life I have given birth to, and, the life I have observed.

The human condition in all its’ variety is an unending source for new work. It is, for me, the reality beyond the reality.

Short Biography:

I grew up in what was, at the time, a rural southern neighborhood in the state of Virginia, U.S.A.

As a child, I was unable to see with any clarity until I was almost four years old. It was at that time that I was subjected to a series of corrective eye surgeries. I learned to see at first through the use of my hands and ears. I think that, because of this, the part of my brain that processes sight is wired a bit differently. I know that the way I imagined things to be, and the way they really are, still creates a kind of conflict. It is an area in which, I, as an artist, consistently have to work and rework it all out. I am also intensely sensitive to color, almost to the point where it quite literally vibrates inside my eyes.

My career as a fine artist started in New York City. Previously, I had had a short lived career as a song lyricist working with jazz and rock musicians. I had some success, (recordings, etc.), but it was not what I wanted to do.

Fortunately for me, one of my NYC art teachers encouraged me to enter shows right away. Thus, my career and resume were growing as I was learning.

When I moved back down south to Virginia, I continued studying with teachers and artists, Jennie Lea Knight and Anne Truitt.

My professional career, although interrupted from time to time by “major medical events”, has continued to grow.

My work has been exhibited in galleries in Europe, America, and South America, and museums in America. My work is included in one book and I have had an in-depth pictorial interview in a major American sculpture magazine.