Press Release: Viridian’s 26th International Juried Competition

Viridian Artists’ 26th International Juried Competition

Lauren Hinkson, Curator,
Solomon R Guggenheim Museum

June 30 – July 18, 2015
Opening reception Thursday, July 2, 6-8pm

1st prize Edith Hillinger   

2nd prize William Tarnowski   

3rd prize Marcela Florido
Honorable mention Phillip Stearns

Lani Asuncion * Holly Coley * Leila Dorne * Claire Elliott * Bryan Florentin *Jeffrey Haupt * Linda Jacobs * Sassoon Kosian * Kerry Lessard * Anne Lindberg *
Benjamin Madeska * Russell Mason * Bob Matthews *Robert Moran * Joseph O’NeillDale M Reid * Carolyn Rogers * Shushana Rucker * Rafael Santiago *Heajung Shin *Casey Snyder * Chris Vanden Broeke * Susan Wolfe

Chelsea: Viridian Artists Inc. is pleased to present our 26th International Juried Exhibition curated by Lauren Hinkson, Curator, Guggenheim Museum, New York.The exhibition opens June 30th and continues through July 18th, 2014. In celebration, a special reception will be held on Thursday, July 2nd, 6-8pm. We are especially pleased that the curator will be present to give out awards to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of this important competition that brings the art of emerging and under-recognized artists to the attention of museum curators.

Over 300 artists submitted nearly 1500 submissions. The competition selection was especially difficult for there were so many outstanding submissions and the nature of art in our world today encompasses a wide variety of methods, materials and conceptualizations of what art is in today’s world.

In her curatorial statement, Hinkson wrote “It was rewarding to engage with images of such a wide range of artworks, all reflecting the diverse interests and passions of their creators. The task of selecting only a handful of pieces from among these submissions was as daunting as it was eventually rewarding. I am fortunate to work as a curator, and my choices were informed partly by my professional experiences establishing connections between historical artwork and contemporary practices. Ultimately, however, it was the strength of a composition, the boldness of a palette, or the originality of a concept evident in a given image that caught my eye.”

As always, Viridian makes an effort to expand the opportunities of more artists’ being seen so the gallery Director’s Choices will also be viewable in digital form. We feel it important to tangibly demonstrate that curatorial choice is often as much about personal taste as it is about the “quality” of the art.

Director’s Choice to be presented digitally

Margery Freeman Appelbaum * Richard Barlow * Ken Boylan * Jan Brandt * Chris Vanden Broeke Claire Elliott * Ed Herman * Gary Horn * Jim Jacobs * Linda Jacobs *Lynne Johnson * James Kelson * Cindi Lewis * Marcia Lloyd * Paxton Maroney *Emmanuel Monzon * Eric Mueller * Andrea Razook * Scott Reeds
Alan Richards *Marilyn Richeda * Janet Rossi * Christopher Ruane * Shushana Rucker * Alex Sewell * Ashley Shellhause * Renata Stein * Paula Swisher * Maxim Tzinman *Rebecca Willhoft * Matthew Vidmar * Larry Zdeb