Viridian Artist Member Wally Gilbert in Group Show in Vermont

Wally Gilbert at VermontArts.Gallery

"Sparkling Summer Celebration"

Artists Reception
Saturday, July 1st – Noon to 3 o'clock

78 Creampot Road
Heartland, Vermont
Tel. 802 436 2200

Contact VermontArts.Gallery at for an Invitation and celebrate Digital Art in the heart of Vermont.

"Trees - Blue"  A 60" x 40" panel on a Flush Mount. Digital print on Aluminum with a high gloss finish.

"Trees - Blue" 
A 60" x 40" panel on a Flush Mount.
Digital print on Aluminum with a high gloss finish.

Wally Gilbert's art is available both on aluminum and as prints on paper. These, as well as his scarves with digital prints on a soft, light chiffon, are all available at Viridian. See Wally Gilbert portfolio above and also our web store.

N'Cognita at Theater for the New City

Theater for the New City Lower East Side Festival

Sunday, May 28, 2017 7:54PM for just 10 minutes


created by

Vernita Nemec, also known as N'Cognita

with music by Larry Simon

The Theater for the New City Lower East Side Festival organized by Crystal field & happening Memorial Day weekend in NYC's Lower East Side at 1st Avenue & 10th Street will be presenting a multitude of 10 minute performances & readings- all free, all weekend. Among the performers & poets are Penny Arcade, Tammy Faye, Pheobe Legere, Nicky Paraiso, Reno, Yuko & Vernita N'Cognita. Come Sunday 7:54 PM to the Cabaret Theater (check the red door to the left of the 1st entrance) & stay for the evening! 
In “Entangled”, N'Cognita again incorporates out of scale props to search within the media of performance for a clearer understanding of what it is to be a woman today. In this work, she has braided 600 yards of ribbon into a large ball and sits in a child sized chair as she explores with the audience unanswerable questions discovered in a book. The artist uses Butoh movement forms interpreted uniquely & personally to explore, along with words and props, conceptual ideas in her performance work. How our complicated lives entangle us. 

Vernita Nemec, also known as N'Cognita to honor underknown artists, has been creating performance artworks since 1978 when she "occupied" a corner of Prince &Wooster Streets in early days of SoHo. Since that time she has presented more than 70 performances in the United States, Hungary, Japan, Ireland, Germany, Mexico and France, including guerrilla performances at the Pompidou Museum in Paris and Documenta 13 in Kasel. This is the third Lower East Side Festival season in which she has performed. A different iteration of "Entangled" was presented at Judson Church as part of the Movement Research Monday Night Series. Her performances can also be seen on UTube. Come Sunday 7:54 PM to the Cabaret Theater (check the red door to the left of the 1st entrance) & stay for the evening! 


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May 16 - June 3, 2017
Reception, Saturday, May 20, 2-5pm

Chelsea NY: Viridian Artists is pleased to present a solo exhibition of mixed media photography by artist Bernice Faegenburg. Opening on May 16, 2017, the exhibit will run through June 3rd, with a reception on Saturday, May 20, from 2-5pm. 

Bernice Faegenburg is an artist who has always enjoyed experimenting and exploring new media. In this exhibition of new work, she has continued her involvement with nature and the environment, but her current focus is trees. Trees in all their glory.

 In the past, Faegenburg's media focus has been primarily painting and Japanese brushwork, but this time she has had her digital photographs transformedin a variety of ways. Incorporating fabric for the first time, she has created installations of her images that flow both figuratively & literally as viewers stop before the work. In addition, she has used a variety of digital photographic apps and continues exploring and experimenting with them.

All about her love of trees, these new works take you out of the gallery and perhaps onto the backporch looking out at the woods or lawn behind your house- wherever the viewer prefers to imagine themselves. One can see the artist's love of nature and experimentation for she has taken her art beyond the stretched canvas and unto printed, airy and unstretched fabric blowing in the breeze as trees do.

Faegenburg's favorite tree is the Witch Hazel that is the first to bloom in her hometown of Roselyn, Long Island.She carries her camera everywhere with her, often stopping along the side of the road to catch an image, capturing trees in all their seasons of dress and undress. Despite the fact that most of the images in this exhibit start with a photograph, one can see her earlier influences of Japanese brush painting still. 

Faegenburg has always approached her art making instinctively, allowing her images to grow out of her daily experiences. For her, the most important aspect of her art is the doing for process is as important to her as the outcome.

 The artist did undergraduate work at the Tyler School of Fine Arts and Temple University, where she studied printmaking and egg tempera techniques in the Rennaisance manner. She came to New York after graduation, attending the National Academy of Design and receiving a Masters Degreee at C.W. Post College, studying painting and graphics with Robert Yasuda and later, Oriental philosopy and its relationshiop to painting with Jerry Okimoto

Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12- 6 PM. For further information please contact Vernita Nemec, Gallery Director at 212 414 4040 or or view the gallery website:

Press Release: Susan Sills: "Family Portraits"

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April 25- May 13 2017
Reception, Saturday, April 29, 4-6 pm

Chelsea NY: Viridian Artists is pleased to present a solo exhibition of drawings and paintings by artist Susan Sills. Opening on April 25, 2017, the exhibit will run through May 13th, with a reception on Saturday, April 29th, from 4-6pm.

After years of focusing on creating painted wooden sculptures of art historical themes and characters, the artist Susan Sills is returning to her first love - drawing, and to themes closer to her heart - her family.

As always, she is inspired by history, but this time she presents a history of her family as she has portrayed them over the years in ink, pencil and paint, working from life and more recently from photographs. Many of the newest portraits are based on family photographs she discovered in a box and recreated as oil paintings in sepia tones on canvas, recapturing a sense of past moments and lost memories. Who is that man in the fedora who resembles Humphrey Bogart? An uncle or a cousin somehow lost from the memories of those family members still living?

Sills' artistic career began early, studying at the Art Students League when she was just 12, surrounded by a family of artists, particularly her mother. Following in her grandfather's steps, who was a jeweler, she is also including jewelry she has created from geometric drawings and doodles saved from phone call jottings over the years.

For the past thirty years Sills has been noted for her life size cutout figures in painted birch plywood portraying famous characters from art history, creating over 100 of them. Over the years she has presented these works in a variety of ways - from life- size cut-outs of famous heads to grandiose tableaus and installations in which famous paintings come to life in our time with coke bottles, empty take-out food trays, etc. presenting these characters with humor & intelligence.

Sills has had 19 Solo shows, and is included in the Sylvia Sleigh Collection of Women Artists at Rowan University. She was also a featured artist in the recently published "100 New York Painters" by Cynthia Dantzic. She has had solo exhibitions at the Queens College Art Center and the Pensacola Museum of Art, which sponsored an educational experience for 4500 children and their teachers and her 2-D sculptures have also been used as a set for a dance performance at the Whitney Museum. Her art is in numerous corporate and museum collections and she has been represented by Viridian since 1979.

Her complete bio can be seen at

Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12- 6 PM. For further information please contact Vernita Nemec, Gallery Director at 212 414 4040 or or view the gallery website:


Press Release: Arthur Dworin: "Inquiries"

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triptic7by10ft- small copy.jpg

April 4- April 22, 2017

Reception, Saturday, April 8, 2-6pm
Wine & Words Saturday, April 22, 2-4PM


 Chelsea NY: Viridian Artists is pleased to present a solo exhibition of paintings by artist Arthur Dworin. Opening on April 4, 2017, the exhibit will run through April 22, with a reception on Saturday, April 8, from 2-6pm. There will be a Wine & Words reception on Saturday, April 22, from 2-4pm when the artist will talk about his process and answer questions. 

The organic and geometric shapes that have long populated Arthur Dworin’s work are raised off the surface now and coated with a high iron content patina that he then oxidizes to produce a rich rust. This he juxtaposes with bands and fields of brilliant color.

Peter Selz, the former MoMA curator of painting and sculpture and one of Dworin’s collectors, has said that “Dworin’s paintings are endowed with an original sense of sonorous color. Abstract as they are, they bring a new sense of visual order to organic forms of nature.” 

Dworin attended the Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts and received a scholarship to the Art Students League in Woodstock. After painting in Zacualpan, Mexico, he became a member of the United Scenic Artists Union, where he became skilled in a host of techniques that have been invaluable to his personal art.  While painting sets for theater and film, he used materials in an alchemical way. Often he had to make something look as if five layers of paint had peeled off a rusting surface.  But in his own painting, he literally rusts the surfaces rather than just painting them to look like rust. 

Like Kandinsky, whom he admires, Dworin improvises with forms that resonate musically with his own spiritual explorations. As he puts it, Dworin hopes that, “the spirit in these works will act as a key to awaken what is already deep within the observer, anew with each viewing, bringing a greater awareness of our inner and outer universes.”

Dworin lived and worked in Tribeca (Manhattan) until 2011, when he purchased a Pennsylvania church, where he created these works. This is his fifth solo show at Viridian.  

Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12- 6 PM. For further information please contact Vernita Nemec, Gallery Director at 212 414 4040 or or view the gallery website:

Wally Gilbert in a show at Lasell College in Newton, MA Artists' Reception Thursday, March 23, 6 to 8 pm

Wally Gilbert will have pieces in ABSTRACT SYSTEMS, a show of nine artists, curated by Lisa Reindorf and Andrea Foggle Plotkin. 

March 21 – April 12, 2017
Artists’ Reception: Thursday, March 23, 6 – 8 pm

Wedeman Gallery
Lasell College
Yamawaki Art & Cultural Center
47 Myrtle Avenue, Newton, MA

Featuring work by:Barbara Grad, Barbara Eskin, Jennifer Caine,
Wally Gilbert (photographer and Nobel prize winner in biology),
Jennifer Moses, Stephanie McMahon, Lisa Reindorf,
Debra Weisberg and Heidi Whitman.

Gallery Statement:  Our modern society is teeming with information as technology has infiltrated our daily lives. In many fields, systems are a way to make sense of the information. Artists parse these systems and develop their own interpretations in their work.

Abstract Systems presents the work of a group of artists who approach abstract painting utilizing their own personal symbolic language. Each of the artists works evolve from a specific type of systems- in the areas of architecture, biology, information, technology, and mapping.

Abstract painting can be difficult to navigate, but by understanding these systems the viewer is presented with a way to understand and interpret the paintings.

Gallery open hours are Tuesday –Saturday, 1 – 4pm.

Wedeman Gallery is located at 47 Myrtle Avenue, Newton, MA 02466. For more information , please contact the gallery director, Vladimir Zimakov.

Phone: 617 243 2143

PRESS RELEASE: "30 Under 30"

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"30 Under 30"
Juried by Vernita Nemec
February 21- March 11, 2017
Reception Thursday February 23, 6-8pm
Closing reception Saturday March 11, 4-6pm & others events throughout

Rocio Azarloza * Emmett Barnacle * Joanna Bellettiere * Keenan Bennett * Michael Bishop * Elizabeth Christianson * Chelsea Couch * Furen Dai * Ivan Filipchyk * Julie Gautier-Downes * Charity Henderson * Jieun Kim * Ryu-Hee Kim * Jordan Lepore * Jade Lowder * Phillip McConnell * Katie Mongoven * Aya Ogasawara * Jesse Parajeckas * Alex Schechter * Becca Shmuluvitz * Megan St Clair * Michael Thron * Sarah Tompkins * Meggan Trobaugh * Holly Wilson * Najwan Zoubi * Laura Willig * Dongyi Wu * Ryan Busch

Chelsea NY: Viridian Artists is pleased to present for the first time an exhibition of artists who are all under 30 years of age. “30 Under 30“ continues from February 21 to March 11, with a reception to meet the artists, Thursday February 23, 6-8PM. In a world changing culturally and politically more rapidly than ever, these artworks perhaps offer a clue to future ways artists look at their lives and times through art making. The artists in this exhibition were selected from a “call for art” the gallery sent out to discover what young artists are thinking about and creating art about in these times. From a wide range of applicants, the art of 30 of those applying, were selected by the gallery director, Vernita Nemec who is an artist herself.

Viridian plans to create an affordable program for young and gifted artists. No longer is it possible to get large workspaces or showing spaces without huge rents. The struggle to be an artist full time is a dream few can afford and making art in shared spaces is the rule rather than the exception.

This exhibition and the program Viridian has developed for young artists arose from the group’s awareness of the hardships that artists must often endure to continue their practice. As a part of an artist-owned gallery community, Viridian artists are conscious of not only how expensive space is today both for showing and working, but also, how important it is for artists to live and work in a competitive and supportive environment.

Just how difficult is it now is for young artists to achieve their dreams of fame, respect and possibly fortune? What are their concerns? What materials do they work with? Why are some still making art in traditional materials & in traditional ways? How has social media, astronomical rents, and less space changed the way in which artists just beginning their careers express themselves creatively?

To learn the answers to some of these questions, it is best to look at the art itself for we often cannot express in words what can be expressed through an image or object. There will be events throughout the exhibition when artists & guests can talk about the work and discuss and share with one another thoughts about the importance of artmaking in today’s world. Check our facebook page and listings calendars for precise times & dates of these meetings.

Gallery hours: Tuesday through Saturday 12-6PM

For further information please contact the gallery at 212 414 4040 or


Three paintings by Franz Fox have been selected for Steadfast Magazine's Issue No.3, A Tribute to Cuba

Three paintings by Franz Fox have been selected for Steadfast Magazine's Issue No.3, A Tribute to Cuba. Steadfast Magazine is a New York City based bi-annual publication dedicated in valuing and supporting the contemporary artist in modern society. This issue is a devotion to Cuban and Cuban-American artist representation and the awe-inspiring survival of artistic inspiration in individuals who find freedom each day through a steadfast desire to create. 

Fox was born in Holguin, Cuba. His family immigrated to the US just before the Cuban Missile crisis. Three Fox works will be included in this publication. This issue will debut in Miami during Art Basel in December, 2016. Fox has been invited to participate in a curated group show, in which select artists from the issue will debut their work on the opening night of the event in Miami. 

An article about Fox and three paintings in his Neoplasticity genre will be featured in the magazine. The paintings include Windows, 60 x 48 mixed media on canvas, Absinthe of Malice, 48 x 36, mixed media on canvas, and Corpus, 48 x 36, mixed media on canvas.

Centered around Cuban art and culture, Issue No.3 of Steadfast Magazine is devoted to the awe-inspiring survival of artistic inspiration in individuals who find freedom each day through a steadfast desire to create. The artists, writers, and contributors featured in Issue No.3 inform and educate our readers on the artistic, political and social environment in Cuba, with a focus on human rights activism and social injustice. La Libertad Artistica is dedicated to the men and women, seen and unseen, known and unknown, who have suffered the inequalities of oppression and persecution in the name of artistic freedom.

In addition to Franz Fox, the following artists are also featured in Issue No.3, La Libertad Artistica: Abelardo Morell, Adrian Fernandez, Angie Garcia, Armando Valladares, Brian Batt, Chelsea Kozak, Christina Arza, El Sexto, Geandy Pavon, Hector Frank, Jorge Valls, Lissette Schaeffler, Rachel Valdès Camejo and Tania Bruguera.

 Fox is currently represented by Viridian Gallery in Chelsea, New York City, NY and FineArtCollector in Boston, MA.