Many of my paintings are drawn from literary subjects or present intentionally vague narratives whose actors hover on the frontier between figuration and abstraction. On the formal level, collaged papers and scrubbed, stippled or dripped areas of paint focus attention on the two-dimensional surface. Relief-like configurations and contrasting flat and textured areas in both the figures and the backgrounds play on the tension between figurative references and the abstract forms that ultimately suggest them. At the same time, the sensuous color and bold, sinuous contours twisting back upon themselves lead us into realms of erotic and psychological complexity. At once lyrical, ironic and melancholy, these images reminiscent of a Baroque/Rococo aesthetic present surrealist juxtapositions of imagined spirits, shrouded in enveloping mystery and haunted by the memory of apocalyptic visions.

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Born: Brooklyn, NY 

Studied: Tyler School of Fine Arts, Philadelphia; Pratt Institute, New York; Columbia University, New York; Atelier de la Grande Chaumière, Paris 

Address: 6 Boulevard de Strasbourg, 75010 Paris, France


Galerie des Jeunes, Paris, 1966 (solo)

Galerie Lambert (5e Biennale de Paris), 1967 (group)

Kunsthandel 276, Amsterdam, 1968 (two-man show)

John Whibley Gallery, London, 1970 (solo)

Pratt Institute, New York, 1971 (solo)

John Whibley Gallery, London, 1974 (group)

Viridian Artists Inc, New York, 1979 (solo)

Community Arts Center, Atlanta (“Black Painting”), 1980 (group)

Phoenix Gallery, Atlanta, 1982 (group)

Evans-Tibbs Collection, Washington, 1984 (solo)

Alma Simmons Memorial Gallery (“Atlantan African-American Artists”), 1985 (group) Lightworks Gallery, Glen Cove NY, 1996 (solo) 

Contemporary Black Artists in America, Great Neck NY, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2002 (group) 

Viridian Artists Inc, New York, 2005 (solo), Farleigh Dickinson University, Hackensack, New Jersey, 2006 (solo)


* Dr. Maya Angelou, Winston-Salem, NC * Lord and Lady Hirschfield, London * Mme Brassai, Paris * Comtesse Solange de la Celle, Paris * Dr. Richard Long, Atlanta * M. Franco Trecanni di Montichiari, Milan * Clark-Atlanta University Collection, Atlanta * City University, New York * Dr. Stosh Ostrow, San Francisco* Commander Duncan Ackery, Menorca * Mme Linda Weil-Curiel, Paris * Mr. Waldo Klick, Netherlands * M. Pierre Cochet, Paris * Mr. & Mrs. Mario Sorelli, London * Rev. & Mrs. Martin Sargent, New York * Mr. Addison Greene, New York *