The Artist Known as X

X is a storytelling photographer from Louisville, Kentucky but currently lives somewhere. 

He is mainly known as a project artist that focus on humanity work during his projects and displays the stories of people who are less fortunate in life and those who face daily struggles to shine light on their lives so their voices are able to be heard. 

He studied photography at a Private High School named Trinity. Later, he studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. After 3 months he dropped out because he believed art can’t really be taught, “Either you have the gift of art or you don’t, but I surely won’t learn from teachers who aren’t physically in the field as a photographer.” 

“I don’t put myself in the spotlight of my work. I don’t want people to know who I am or what I look like. That defeats the true purpose of my art. I want people to like my art for what it is. Thats the main reason why I go by ‘X’.”

Instagram: @x.s.l.x.x