Toto Takamori


I would like to first explain my artwork from the following three standpoints. 

The first point is about the classification of my work.  up to now, a majority of the pieces have painted have been portraits in oil.  Alternatively, it could be said these are pieces that have partially incorporated human subjects.

The second point is about the concept of my pieces.  This concept is “Contrast.”

The third point is about how I paint.  This method is called “wet-on-wet painting.”  To put it simply, up to now I have painted while using wet-on-wet coating, keeping the concept of “Contrast” in mind.

I will now explain my viewpoints in detail.

The first standpoint signifies that I would like to improve on my portraits.  Up to now, the portraits I have painted have had defined subjects.  but in the near future, not only the concrete, but also the possibility of abstract characteristics may intensify.

I will now explain in more detail what I mean by “Contrast.”  But how this concept reflected in these pieces of art?  First, a concrete example I can give to “Contrast” is a comparison between the material and the abstract.  In these paintings, the subject is partially painted in the material as well as in the abstract.  Usually, I would draw particular parts of the subject, such as the eyes, mouth, or even the fingers.  Secondly, “Contrast” is the contrast between emptiness and the beauty.  Among my paintings, there are a number that have a beautiful subject in front of old ruins.  These beautiful subjects could be at times a ballarina or a woman posing nude.

The next example would be the contrast between light and dark.  A number of my paintings are painted in classic technique.  This is taking diluted oil paints and repeatedly layering the paint in multiple coats .  With this technique, I can create for example a semi-transparent dark brown background with the subject seeiming to float on the surface of the painting.  I would like to continue to expland and improve on various aspects of the concept of “Contrast.”  There are many examples, such as classic and contemporary, East and West, silence and movement, etc.

Furthermore, I am aware of this concept not only in the arts, but also many other situations, such as war and peace, community and the individual, dependence and independence.

Solo shows
2016 Design Festa Gallery,Tokyo
2015 Design Festa Gallery,Tokyo
2014 Two Plus Gallery,Tokyo
2013 Two Plus Gallery,Totyo
2012 Michi Beauty Salon Gallery , NYC
2011 Gallery Q ,Tokyo
2010 G1 Gallery,Tokyo
2009 Two Plus Gallery,Tokyo

Selected Goup shows
2008 The juried show at LACMA,Los Angels
2007 Embassy of Japan in Belgium Gallery,Brussels
2007 Tableau Gallery ,Seoul

Ginza Art events for Public and Kids
Ginza Aozara de Art ,Ginza TAIMEI Elementary School ,Tokyo

Art foundation exhibitions
a formal member of NICHIYOU-Kai Art Foundation(It  is one of foundations which support for The Japan Fine Arts Exhibitions called Nitten)
2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 NiCHIYOU-Kai Art Foundation Exhibition at The National Art Center in Tokyo
2007 SHIGEN-kai Art Foundation Exhibition , the National Art Center
2006 SAKUJITSTU-kai Art Foundation Exhibition ,Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo
2006 JAG Art Foundation Exhibition ,Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo
2005 SAKUJITSU-Kai Art Foundation Exhibition ,Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo

2009-2016 NICHIYIOU-Kai Studeo School
2004-2009 SHIGEN-Kai Studio School