What is an Artist owned Gallery?

At Viridian we have a Director who curates exhibitions.  We are unlike cooperative galleries, in that our artists don't need to sit at their own shows, write their own pr, create gallery listings or promotions, etc.  Viridian Artists can help with gallery work if they want to reduce their dues a bit. This is an important distinction because all of the exhibit related tasks are done for them. In addition, we hang group shows, update the website, listings and social media.  Peer review is an important aspect of our process enlisting gallery artists to vote on applicants.

Viridian Artists Inc. is an artist-owned, professionally operated gallery, located in New York City in the prestigious Chelsea region of Manhattan, home to some of New York’s finest and most highly respected art galleries. Viridian is one of the city’s oldest artist-owned galleries.

Widely regarded as an outstanding showcase for emerging and established artists from the continental USA and around the world, Viridian supports a broad range of original and innovative work that meets the highest aesthetic standards.

Representing artists from New York to California, and from as far away as Japan, France and Korea, Viridian has an international flavor with New York overtones.

Unlike many commercial galleries, we are always interested in new talent to represent and nurture. Please look at our Opportunities page if you are interested in applying to be a part of our venture.

Viridian was born on Long Island in the 60’s, grew up in Soho, and moved to 57th Street in the 70’s. During its 25 years there the gallery maintained its uniqueness as the sole artist-owned and professionally-run gallery on 57th Street, which was at that time the “hub of the art world”. Just prior to 9/11 Viridian moved to Chelsea, the “now” art world, and has maintained a strong and unique presence there.



Viridian sponsors an Annual International Juried Competition, which gives a generous number of fine artists the opportunity to be seen by important museum curators and viewers from all over the world. In addition, the gallery sponsors a competition especially for artists under 30, also juried by a noted museum curator.


At least once a year there is a  group show for the artists represented by the gallery and one show outside the gallery. These traveling shows have gone as far as Chicago and Tokyo.


One of our special features is our “Meet the Artist” event, when the exhibiting artist discusses his work and is sometimes interviewed by a critic or curator.


We sponsor special events occasionally, such as poetry readings, performance art, dance or music concerts, that relate to specific art exhibitions. All of our events are free and open to the public.


Viridian is available for rental for special events as well as for group exhibitions. Please contact the gallery if you want to propose an event.