Upcoming Exhibition


"30 Under 30"
Juried by Chrissie Iles, Whitney Museum Curator
February 27- March 24, 2018
Reception Thursday March 1st, 6-8pm
Panel discussion moderated by Chrissie Iles, Saturday, March 3rd, 4PM
Closing reception Saturday March 24, 4-6pm

Catherine Armistead, Daniel Ashley, Min Baek, Kimberly Barnes, Darla Barolini,
Nicole Basilone, Julia Betts, Ashley Bouton, Amelia Calsi, Mei Fung Elizabeth Chan, 
Yu-Ting Cheng, Courtney Clegg, Renee Cuny, Camilla Marie Dahl, Alyse Delaney, 
Marcus DeSieno, Victoria Ermler, Kyle Hackett, Zhongwen Hu, Maria Kostareva, Giulia Livi , Graham Livingston, Kenish Magwood, Maya McCoy, Guy Miller jr, Hyungjo Moon, 
Rajab Sayed, Claire Stankus, Teona Yamanidze, Katrina Slavik

 Chelsea NY: Viridian Artists is pleased to present for the second time an exhibition of artists who are all under 30 years of age. “30 Under 30“ continues from February 27 to March 24, with a reception to meet the artists, Thursday March 1st, 6-8PM. and a panel discussion moderated by curator Chrissie Iles with selected artists from the exhibit happening Saturday March 3rd at 4PM

In a world changing culturally and politically more rapidly than ever, these artworks perhaps offer a clue to future ways artists look at their lives and times through art making. The artists in this exhibition were selected from a “call for art” the gallery sent out to discover what young artists are thinking about and creating art about in these times. From a wide range of applicants, the art of 30 artists - all under 30 years of age - was selected by Chrissie Iles, a curator at the Whitney Museum.

No longer is it possible to get large workspaces or showing spaces without huge rents. The struggle to be an artist full time is a dream few can afford and making art in shared spaces is the rule rather than the exception.  Consequently, Viridian has created an affordable membership program for young and gifted artists for we realize not only how expensive space is today both for showing and working, but also, how important it is for artists to live and show their art in a competitive and supportive environment.

As in the case of our juried exhibit open to artist of all ages & persuasions, Viridian has instituted a digital presentation of 30 artists selected by the gallery director, Vernita Nemec, giving an opportunity to 30 additional artists and giving gallery visitors a chance to see the work of more artists of merit.

Just how difficult is it now is for young artists to achieve their dreams of fame, respect and possibly fortune? What are their concerns? What materials do they work with? Why are some still making art in traditional materials & in traditional ways? How has social media, astronomical rents, and less space changed the way in which artists just beginning their careers express themselves creatively?

To learn the answers to some of these questions, gallery visitors are invited to look at the art itself & also to meet some of the artists at the opening and closing receptions. There will also be a panel discussion moderated by Ms. Iles on Saturday, March 3rd at 4PM when artists that were selected by both Ms. Iles & Ms. Nemec will talk about their work.  

Gallery hours: Tuesday through Saturday 12-6PM

For further information please contact the gallery at 212 414 4040 or viridianartistinc@gmail.com