Press Release: The Heat is ON


July 21- August 18, 2015
Reception Thursday July 23rd, 6-8pm

 Angelique Anderson * Phyllis Featherstone * Ron Moore * Vernita N’Cognita * Lauren Purje * Srividya Kannan Ramachandran * Toto Takamori

 Chelsea NY: Viridian Artists is pleased to present an exhibition of outstanding art by seven artists who are part of Viridian Artists’ Affiliate program. The show extends from July 21st to August 18th with a reception to meet the artists Thursday July 23rd, 6-8pm. “The Heat Is On” alludes to the often pressing circumstances of life, our drive to move forward, the need to do it now and hot topics. Art offers not only these artists solutions and ways of dealing with “the heat” of daily life, but the art itself gives us, the viewers, methods and means to cope with life’s surprises & pitfalls.

For Angelique Anderson Art is Zen. The artist states “since my early years, I have always escaped into my world of imagination where I make the rules. I find peace there…Inspiration comes from the world around me: environments, political issues, current events, travelling, movies, fantasy and science fiction. A significant influence has come from the computer. It has evolved the way I process and apply myself to making art. I experiment with photography, collaging, manipulating and distorting images digitally to portray illusion and surrealism. Combining 2D drawings and shapes with 3D models, I create layers and dimension. That technique is used in my portrait series, morphing realism with fantasy. The color palettes and vistas of the renaissance period mix well with my science fiction-type themes for backgrounds.”

 Phyllis Featherstone sees oil painting and printmaking to be among her favorite experiences, though she also does photography as well. She loves working with the luster and vivid colors that oil paint offers. Her printmaking incorporates oil based inks and a lithographic process in which ink only sticks to the image and the rest is washed away by water, and then transferred to paper using a printing press. For her, photography is different in its immediacy, “a rewarding experience of the moment.” The artist goes on to say that “My subjects are usually narrative art in which I tell a story with a picture. The finale to my statement is that I love every aspect of what I do and that is why I do it.”

 Ron Moore is a sculptor who was recently a part of viridian’s 45th anniversary show in which the gallery invited past & present viridian artists to celebrate the gallery’s longevity. In that exhibition, he showed life size figures in steel that resembled line drawings. He continues to work with steel in a variety of sculptural formats. The artist says, “This artwork is mainly about joyful escape’s. And inner yearnings that hope for the gift of discovery.”

 Vernita N’Cognita’s “Dick Drawings” (or “All About Power”) “are a response to years of trying to understand where personal power comes from in our world. At almost every level of reality, the male reigns—politics, finance, business, military and even, in the art world. So what, I ask myself, gives men this power that women don’t have? Finally, I realize it must be the possession of a penis and the ability to produce testosterone. The penis is one of the unmentioned culprits behind the wrongs of our world. Along with the power of male reign, come violence, war, double-dealing and other far-ranging criminal activities. Men still have most of the power and so I’ve come to the conclusion that the secret source of that power must be in their dicks and I want to demystify the male power figure.”

Lauren Purje is an artist who loves to draw. Between her cartoons in Hyperallergic, an artworld publication on the web and her paintings with Turner inspired backgrounds, her art covers a lot of mental & emotional ground. In Hyperallergic, she humorously confesses her doubts & fears while simultaneously making insightful comments about being an artist in today’s world. Recently, birds- especially pigeons – have captured her attention, and the delicate drawings she makes of them give an elevated statue to a lowly creature urbanites often take for granted.

Srividya Kannan Ramachandran “These two photographs represent an abstract reflection on meditative experiences. In the photo titled “Greed” – the viewer is invited to introspect on which portion of the photo constitutes the background, and which one the foreground. The death-like passivity of the black stands juxtaposed against the volcanic agitation of the red offering a difficult choice to the viewer. “Finding Nemo” depicts the opening of the metaphorical third-eye that offers a human being a direct intuitive insight into the brighter world beyond.”

 Toto Takamori is a Japanese artist who approaches the media of paint with excessiveness. In this case excessiveness is a good thing for his tiny 4×6 inch paintings have a thick impasto surface akin to the frosting on a delicious layer cake with sprinkles of sparkles. He says he has 3 factors that he considers in his artmaking – classification, contrast & most importantly perhaps his technique of painting called “wet on wet”.

Viridian’s Affiliate Program is an important aspect of the gallery’s mission to expand exhibition opportunities for outstanding contemporary artists, both emerging and well-known.

Gallery hours: Monday through Friday 12-6PM

For further information please contact the gallery at 212 414 4040 or

Press Release : Matthias Merdan

JUNE 9 – JUNE 27, 2015
Reception Thursday JUNE 11, 6-8pm


Chelsea: Viridian Artists is pleased to present “SILLY SCULPTURE”, an exhibition of new sculpture and prints by MATTHIAS MERDAN opening June 9th and continuing through June 27th with a reception on Thursday, May 21st, 6-8PM.

These days we often wonder how the discipline of visual arts could still have a perceivable chance of making an impact. Has art reached the end of its evolutionary possibilities? Is it stagnated in its existing forms?

Artist Matthias Merdan’s answer is “Silly Sculptures”. These slightly larger than life sculptures of figures bring together what the artist calls the “five futilities or “irrelevances”. The artist has carefully contemplated their actions, gesticulations, positioning, colors and outfits as unified contradictions, so that the sculptures radiate absurdity and clumsiness.

The “actions” of the Silly Sculptures are characterized by everyday banality, unfettered by pathos, purity and compulsions. Their actions are not the gesticulations of heroes but instead they stand shakily and illogically. Their colors too are inconsistent. Using chalk, lacquer, oil, acrylic and adhesive tape, the artist wants to prevent any suspicion that he is creating a cohesive design and deliberately leaves his traces of fingerprints and wipes. It’s as if Merdan is attempting to provoke us to conduct comparisons with the possible and to reorganize our knowledge.

Accessories of hats and gasmasks are more than just additional visual attributes, but serve as a metaphor for the extreme distance he has traveled from the mind, tradition and world of the beholder.

Merdan’s sculptures are mobile, changeable, and anatomically adjustable, responding to space as well as to situations. With the sculpture are prints and photos of their passing poses. With these highly expressive, but dissonant works, Merdan aims to bend the common clichés of aesthetics in an effort to bet on the inexhaustible potential of the visual arts. With these creations, he seizes the innovative opportunity and evolutionary possibilities inherent in sculpture and consequently creates a novel form of expression.

Mattias Merdan lives in Zurich, Switzerland and is presenting his first solo exhibit at Viridian. He has a Master of Philosophy and Theology from Bamberg University in Germany. In 2000, he did a residency in Nafpaktos, Greece to study iconography and from 2006-2011, he led international workshop in the manufacturing of carbon and fiberglass. He has been a professional sculptor since 2008.

We look forward to your presence at the event of “Silly Sculptures”.
For further information please contact the gallery at 212-414-4040 or

Press Release: Renewal

A Group Exhibition
May 19 – June 6, 2015
Reception Thursday May 21, 6-8pm

Chelsea: Viridian Artists is pleased to present “RENEWAL”, a group exhibition of gallery artists opening May 19th and continuing through June 6th with a reception on Thursday, May 21st, 6-8PM.

RE.NEW.AL (noun) [ri’nu:al]: regeneration, restitution, rekindling, revitalization, rejuvenation, rebirth, replentishment, restoration, repair. Spring is the season of renewal and so the works in this exhibition seek to address the meaning of renewal in all its ramifications.

Human relationships are but one aspect of life that rekindles. Susan Sills shows a small pen drawing of her grandson as an infant, the renewal of life while Henry Coupeapproaches the theme of “Renewal” with a small delicate painting of a bride and groom beginning a new life together. Diane Root (aka Matakia)’s collage is about the renewal of love, and a rejuvenation emanating from Matisse who has been a mentor and inspiration throughout her artistic life. Angela Smith renews images of herself as computerized glitches.

Many of the works utilize nature as subject matter, implying the ways we are renewed by it.  Deborah Sudran’s gouache of “Crotons and Palms” and Stacey Clarfield Newman’s“Majesty” depict in entirely different ways a sense of how nature regenerates itself in its plant life. Bernice Faegenburg and Virginia Smit are also renewed by nature. Photographer Alan Gaynor and painter Bob Tomlinson present flowers in a new light.Renee Borkow shows urban nature and Arlene Finger depicts limbs of trees reaching up in search of new leaves at the start of spring, a time for growth and renewal.

Photographers Robert Smith sees other forms in reality and Wally Gilbert, working digitally, regenerates his photographic imagery as a new reality. Barbara K Schwartzreminds us of the magic of the circus while Kathleen King uses fantasy with an installation of tiny digitally created dragon sculptures that can also be worn as pins and pendants. Michael Miller’s Gridheads renew with humor and Matthias Merdan’s “Start Up” explores beginnings with twisted steel while May DeViney plays with politics & religion.

Some of the artists make their point more abstractly. Arthur Dworin’s mixed media work contains a host of symbols of renewal- a Celtic symbol for spring, ribbons of DNA, a symbol of life and a snake, a symbol for medicine. In Bruce Rosen’s “paintings,… it is as though we are seeing a passage of time and an accumulation of experience. The works mirror the artist whose life integrated the noble poetics of two languages, the written and the visual.” (Joan Krawczyk, former art editor of The Paris Review, independent curator, and former director of Viridian Gallery, in a 1997 statement.) Others in the show whose art presents a more symbolic approach include Tazuko Fujii, OI Sawa, Namiyo Kubo & Janet Bohman.

We look forward to seeing you then and revitalizing, rekindling, rejuvenating and restoring your spirit through looking at and experiencing our art.

For further information please contact the gallery at 212-414-4040, or view our website:


Press Release" Bernice Faegenberg "Nature's Essence"

April 28-May 16th, 2015
Reception: Thursday, May 7, 6-8 pm

Chelsea: Viridian Artists is pleased to present “NATURE’S ESSENCE ” a series of new paintings on paper by Bernice Faegenburg. The exhibit extends from April 28 – May 16th, 2015 with a reception: Thursday, May 7, 6-8 pm.

Bernice Faegenburg is an artist who enjoys experimentation and exploring a variety of media, especially all things Asian. She recently began a serious study of Asian Brush Painting, but traces of brush work have always been a part of the sensuous line in her drawings and compositions.

The focus in these images is on nature and its essence that spring’s annual rebirth brings. Living near the sea and removed from the urban environment, Faegenburg’s art always is filled with the resplendence of nature, even when she focuses on only the clouds drifting by. Though she has often worked on canvas in the past, combining sketches, notes, images, photographs, the new work she has made for this exhibition is primarily Asian brush work on rice paper. In some works like “The Mist”, the composition & imagery is quite traditional but in others, like “Magnolia” & “Harbinger of Spring” the lines are more uniquely drawn, mixing the Western and Eastern line and depiction.

Faegenburg approaches her art instinctively, allowing her imagery to emerge and grow out of her experience and intuition. For her, the most important part of art making is the doing, for she is an artist to whom process is as important as the end result. Fortunately however, the end result is always both glowingly personal as well as instinctually beautiful. Picking a path and following wherever it leads her has always been Faegenburg’s artistic choice, for she is a “traveler” in both her art and her life. Organic fragments of memories and images are her palette as much as color is and her sketchbook jottings are juxtapositions that become creative “conversations” of color and shapes on canvas and rice papers. “Swimming” with the black blossoms above the fish swimming below both feel to be rare and imaginary moments that traveled from the artist’s hand through the brush and finally to the paper.

The artist did undergraduate work at the Tyler School of Fine Arts and Temple University in Philadelphia, where she studied printmaking & egg tempera pinting in the Renaissance method. After graduation, she moved to New York and studied at the National Academy of Design and received a Masters Degree at C.W. Post College, where she studied painting and graphics with New York abstract painter Robert Yasuda and later, Oriental philosophy and its relationship to painting with Jerry Okimoto. Her art will again be included in the prestigious Florence Biennial. The influence of Asian art and thought has always been an influence in her work.

Gallery hours Tuesday – Saturday 12-6 PM

PRESS RELEASE: Angela Smith, Augmented Her: AFAIK: ATM Apr 7-Apr 25

Augmented Her: AFAIK;ATM”

April 7- April 25, 2015
Reception Thursday April 9, 6-8PM

Artist’s Talk Saturday April 11, 4-6PM


Chelsea NY: Viridian Artists is pleased to present Angela Christine Smith’s first solo exhibit at Viridian. A winner in Viridian’s Juried Photography exhibit in 2011, the artist will be present at both the reception on Thursday April 9th, 6-8pm & on Saturday April 11, 4-6PM when she will talk about her fascinating photographic response to our future. The exhibit will continue from April 7th to April 25th.

The future has arrived and the title of Angela Smith’s first solo exhibition at Viridian is a testament to that reality. When asked what the meaning of the title was, the artist replied that the title “is an indication of where I am at in this moment.” Expanded it reads: “Augmented her: as far as I know; at this moment”.

Angela Christine Smith specializes in Photographic Practices that utilize Advanced Darkroom (Analog) Techniques and expand into Advanced Digital Practices. As an artist she also specializes in printmaking techniques that inform her overall artistic practice. Through these mediums she explores her identity as a subject and her interaction with the photographic machine. Through the use of self-portraits, selfies and the manipulations of digital practices, she is exploring those unseen moments where her relationship with life, with the camera, and with the photograph (as object) is evidence of the materiality of identity.

Smith is interested in the medium of photography and the relationship created between the camera and the “self” or the subject, which is “her”. Like the movie with Scarlett Johansson, her MFA show was titled “Her”, but rather than a body being just a digital voice, Smith explores through her work, the stasis of the image created from a live body – her own – and making it stasis or immovable. At the same time, she is exploring the materiality of the photographic process as she exposes the body (and self) as an object of stasis.

The greater identity of “her” (her is the self cut from time when the camera cuts the body from the self and contains it within the photograph) is not limited to the photograph. “Her” is now digital and larger than ever before. “Her” now takes on this post-Internet art by taking on the challenges of digital dualism – that space where we conceptualize the digital and the physical; the on and off -line realities.

Identity is now a cyborg self comprised of a physical body and a digital one. Augmented Her is the expansion of identity beyond the photographic object and time. Augmented Her is now in constant dialog with both, and in the digital realm the glitch, (the glitch art, the digital interruptions) interrupts the viewer and reminds us that “her” is Afk (away from keyboard) ATM (at the moment).

So the identity is expanding and what is Afk vs IRL? (Away from keyboard; in real life).

The artist received her BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design in photography and printmaking and her MFA in Photography and Integrated Media from Ohio University.

Press Release: Art from Detritus: 20th Anniversary Invitational

Curated by Vernita Nemec
March 3rd- April 4th, 2015
Reception: Thursday March 5th, 6-8pm

Marcia Bernstein * Taisha Brehaut * Valentina Celada * Ursula Clark * May DeViney * Fred Gutzeit * Sandra Guze * Ed Herman * Elizabeth Featherstone Hoff * Kathleen King * Bernice Sokol Kramer * Iris Lavy * Lee Lee * Kathy Levine * Lynne Mayocole * * Garry Noland * Peggy Noland * Carol Quint * Elizabeth Rhoades Read * Norman Reid * Diane Root * Leonard Rosenfeld * Helaine Soller * Renata Stein * Stephen Soreff * Suprina *Judy Thomas * Sam Wiener * Larry Zdeb * Philip Zuchman

 Chelsea NY: Viridian Artists is pleased to present the exhibit “Art of Detritus: 20th Anniversary Invitational” featuring fine art made primarily from trash. The heart of this exhibit is the message of the three R’s: Reduce/Reuse/Recycle. The exhibit will open March 3rd and continues through April 4th with a reception March 5, 6-8pm.

“Art From Detritus” serves to enrich the dialogue between art and the lives of ordinary people because we all have too much trash. By focusing on recycling or “upcycling” as their method and source for creating, these artists have made their artmaking serve as both a message and inspiration. This exhibit reaches beyond the art world, serving as a message not only about art, but also about recycling for the good of the environment.

Since 1994, the changing group of artists in this exhibit has opened dialogues with viewers about the importance and usefulness of art as something beyond decoration. Artists often cannot afford studio assistants, expensive materials and equipment for art making, but see beauty in the discarded and these artists have realized this to creatively deal with the problem of too much trash.

“Art from Detritus”, or art from waste, was first conceived and curated by Vernita Nemec, an artist/ curator in 1994 in Portland Oregon during the annual conference of the National Recycling Coalition (NRC). It was presented in the lobby of a recycled Sears Roebuck building & corporate head quarters for municipal waste & recycling there. Since then, the exhibit has re-occurred with funding from the Kauffman Foundation, the Puffin Foundation and sponsorship by the NRC. The exhibit was presented in Pittsburgh at the Westinghouse headquarters, the Museum of Arts & Crafts and the AIA; in Kansas City MO at the Linda Hall Library of Science, Rockhust College & the Writer’s Place.

Phoenix AZ, Turners Falls MA and NYC have all been Detritus exhibition sites since. In NYC, Detritus exhibits have occurred at the Henry Street Abrams Arts Center, Gallery 450, Viridian Artists, Synagogue for the Arts, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Farleigh Dickinson University and the Williamsburgh Art Center. See more information and images of past Detritus shows at

Vernita Nemec, a.k.a. Vernita N’Cognita, is a visual (“The Endless Junkmail Scroll”) & performance artist presenting pieces like “Dress” (of catfood can lids) performed at Dance Theater Workshop (DTW), a curator, the director of Viridian Artists and former Executive Director of Artists Talk on Art (ATOA). She is also on the board of Advisors of ATOA & Soho20.

PRESS RELEASE: Janet Bohman 2015

Taking Flight: A Retrospective of Sculpted Linen Works
Janet L. Bohman
February 3-21, 2015
Reception Thursday February 5, 6-8PM


  Chelsea NY: Viridian Artists is pleased to present a retrospective of sculpted linen works by Janet L. Bohman who died in 2014. The exhibit will occur February 3rd, continuing until February 21. A founding artist of Viridian, Ms Bohman’s painted aerodynamic reliefs of linen over wood armatures, seamlessly integrate the disciplines of painting and sculpture. There will be a reception on Thursday February 5th, 6-8PM honoring this incredible Viridian Artist.

Ms. Bohman began painting at the age of five. In the late 1970’s, her work moved away from two dimensional paintings into small scale painted reliefs in both linen and folded paper. Since then, the evolution has continued resulting in large scale painted reliefs and works in the round.

Throughout the period, her philosophy that art should be beautiful and should contribute to the emotional well being and aspirations of the viewer has prevailed. Her strong color patterns and soaring imagery are intended to provide the viewer with a sense of serenity in a hectic world.

Bohman was fascinated with birds in flight and the mechanics of flying, pursuingthis passion through her incredibly constructed sculptural paintings until her death. Her small sculpted linen reliefs in the “Flexing” series capture the gestures of birds as they struggle to achieve flight and arise from the surface of the wall. In her larger sculpted linen pieces, flight has been achieved, the shapes are more intricate and deeper while the attachment to the wall is far more tenuous illusion.

Ms Bohman was a life-long resident of Brooklyn, New York. Her formal education includes a BFA from Pratt Institute and an MA from New York University. She has participated in over one hundred solo and group exhibitions including 16 solo exhibitions and 7 group shows in Japan.

The artist often said: “I have always been inspired by birds flying freely. While I have lived in New York City (with its infamous pigeons), for my entire life, my home in Brooklyn offers a slice of nature rarely found in an urban environment. The windows of my studio provide a panoramic view of Prospect Park and its lake unsullied by buildings and the other trappings of city life.

“Prospect Park with its dense central woodlands and 60 acre lake is home to over 200 species of native and migratory birds… As it gets colder, sea gulls take refuge from the harshness of the sea shore and gather on the partially frozen lake. Given some unknown source of alarm, hundreds take to flight in unison. Flexing their wings in broad strokes then gliding from one end of the lake to the other. Between the birds and colorful sunsets, I have visions of beauty which I like to translate for others to enjoy in this less than peaceful world.”

Her work is in the collections of Chase Manhattan, Dean Witter Reynolds, Hyatt Hotels, Harvey Baskin as well as many private collections. Examples of the works in this show as well as other work by Ms Bohman may be found on the Internet at


January 13- 31, 2015
Reception Thursday January 15, 6-8pm


 Chelsea NY: Viridian Artists is pleased to present an exhibition of outstanding art by eight artists who are part of Viridian Artists’ Affiliate program.  The show extends from January 13th to 31st with a reception to meet the artists Thursday January 15th, 6-8pm. The title of this exhibit was suggested by the statement Featherstone Hoff offered about her work but in many ways, all art explores the worlds “Beyond Reality”.  The Viridian Artists Affiliate program is an important aspect of Viridian’s mission to expand exhibition and sales opportunities for outstanding contemporary artists, both emerging and well-known.

As ELIZABETH FEATHERSTONE HOFF states so aptly “My work is about life, the life I have lived, thus far, the life I have given birth to, and, the life I have observed. The human condition in all of its’ variety is an unending source for new work. It is, for me, the reality beyond the reality.  

In Abstract Landscapes JOSHUA GREENBERG uses photo-based imagery to create abstract art from landscapes. The color, texture, and light of initial images are used to form new abstract prints. These qualities are present in the reflections, shadows, and segmentations of new images. Rain, snow, hills and trees now project a sense of movement and balance as part of emerging abstract art. Clouds, sky, horizon and sunlight add foreground, background and a sense of depth. All of these elements are used as paint on a palette to be mixed together to create new images. This series illustrates how photo-based imagery may help extend the use of less explored dimensions of photography to create contemporary art.

Architecture was CLAUDIA FAINGUERSCH’S first choice of media, with perspective, lights and shades, composition, color and space that she has now translated into photography. The artist states that for her “the camera approaches and gets lost between spaces and materials.  It penetrates into reality, dissolves it and a new reality appears with its own places, its own lights and new sensations.”  In these four images from the series “FAIT”, we discover a small world suggesting a route through cinematographic images like Film Noire. Mysterious Characters, Suggestive Lights, Threatening Shades, silence, shouts and questions without answers…

RENEE KAHN In my Bowl Series I represent women as the nurturers of society.  The bowl of fruit symbolizes women’s offerings of caring, sustenance and hope to the world. In essence, my women are Earth Goddesses.

JEFFREY MELZACK, whose art is usually comprised of surrealistically conceptualized paintings, is presenting both two and three dimensional work that relate conceptually through sound and its absence. The 2D works are small pieces in watercolor with colored pencil that reflect moments of quiet introspection. The violin piece serves as the bridge between sound and the color or tonal value of the notes played. The artists asks that the viewer “Imagine, as you look at the violin the improvisation of sounds that it might project to you, try to see the notes using your minds eye and hear it played with your minds ear.”

SARAH RILEY is a painter/printmaker based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Her current works are explorations of mixed-imagery, combining drawing, collage, printmaking and paint. Many of her works contain feminist overtones and are drawn from myth, literature and personal history; the juxtaposition of images suggests both memories and re-imaginings. In these particular pieces, she explores alignments of colorful watercolor monotypes with intaglio and photo-based print imagery. Her works are concurrently on view at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum as part of their Centennial CelebrationSarah Riley is Prof. Emeritus and former Head of Printmaking at Southeast Missouri State University. Her book, “Practical Mixed-media Printmaking Techniques” was published in the USA in January 2012 by A & C Black, London. Copies are available for purchase at the gallery.

SHEILA SMITH’s photo series entitled “Rainy Nights In N.Y.C.” were taken in 2014 during artistic wanderings on rainy nights in New York City. After shooting, she digitally transforms her images to create a painterly look and then prints them on canvas which are mounted on board. Each image is part of a limited edition.

MEREDETH TURSHEN is exhibiting new bold, layered and textured paintings on paper in oil, with traces of pastel and graphite; the compositions evoke energy and movement and radiate light.  Drawing inspiration from her environment to represent imagined realities, the new work evokes a balance of sensibility and emotion, reality and imagination.

Press Release: Holiday Madness

December 9 – January 10, 2015
Reception Thursday, December 11, 6-8

Chelsea: Viridian Artists Inc. is pleased to present the exhibition “Holiday Madness”. The show opens December 9th  and continues through January 10, 2015. In celebration, there will be a reception Thursday, December 11, 6-8PM. Dress festively!

 “Holiday Madness” is in the air! One could feel it even before Thanksgiving and the leaves had fallen! Flu shots, snowstorms, end of the year cries for contributions, gift-buying decisions, long trips home to relatives, delayed flights, and all the thought-provoking frustrations associated with the holiday season will be upon us in no time.

But, we can help you with one of these dilemmas by suggesting that instead of heading to department stores or going on the web in search of the perfect gift – buy ART for everyone!

Nothing in this exhibit of more than forty artists is priced too high nor bigger than 24 inches across (well, maybe a few will be…) so wrapping will be no problem. Just a ribbon is all you will need and we’ll even have that here for you!

 And if you have a really long list or are on a budget, Viridian is again featuring a section we like to call YE OLDE ARTE SHOPPE where everything costs $99 or less.All kinds of artist-made cards, books, jewelry, prints, tree ornaments, etc for you to choose from that will thrill and surprise your receivers.

Make an artist and yourself happy by doing one-stop shopping with champagne and cookies to help you celebrate! Looking forward to seeing you December 11th (or any other day) with glitter in your hair!

Jonathan Bausch, Deborah Beck, Renee Borkow, Benjamin Briggs, James Campbell, George Cannata, Robert Cenedella, Henry Coupe, May DeViney, Arthur Dworin, Bernice Faegenburg, Claudia Fainguersch, Phyllis Featherstone, Arlene Finger, Tazuko Fujii, Alan Gaynor, Celia Gilbert, Wally Gilbert, Elizabeth Ginsberg, Joshua Greenberg, Elizabeth Featherstone Hoff, Mary Frances Judge, Renee Kahn, Kathleen King, Namiyo Kubo, Bobbie Lichter, Flash Light, Marcia Lloyd, John Lloyd, Rosemary Lyons, Robert Marvin, Matakia, Naum Medovey, Jeffrey Melzack, Matthias Merdan, David Miller, Michael Miller, Vernita N’Cognita, Stacey Clarfield Newman, Patricia Owsiany, Sunanda Parikh, Carolina Poggi, Lauren Purje, Srividya Kannan Ramachandran, Sarah Riley, Leonard Rosenfeld, Oi Sawa, Barbara K Schwartz, Susan Sills, Virginia Evans Smit, Angela Smith, Robert Smith, Sheila Smith, Stephen Soreff, Deborah Sudran, Jane Talcott, Bob Tomlinson, Meredeth Turshen, and OTHERS

Press Release: Viridian Artists' 25th International Juried Competition

Viridian Artists' 25th International Juried   Competition
Katherine Brinson, Curator, Solomon R Guggenheim Museum
July 1 - July 19, 2014
Opening reception Thursday, July 10, 6-8pm

Margery Freeman Appelbaum * Bob Augstell * Roni and Mary Jo Ben-Nun * Sarah Brook * Emma Buck * Robert S. Davis Jr. * Erika Gagnon * Philip Gerstein * Alexander Giavis * Barry Goldberg * Osamu Hirota * Emily Lazerwitz * Mier Luo * Kimberly RoweTore Terrasi * Michael Wolf * Renna Mae Zimmer

Chelsea: Viridian Artists Inc. is pleased to present our 25th International JuriedExhibition. Curated by Katherine Brinson,   Curator, Guggenheim Museum, New York.
The exhibition opens July 1st and continues through July 19th, 2014. In celebration, a special reception will be held on Thursday, July 10th, 6-8pm. We are especially pleased that the curator will be present to give out awards to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of this important competition that brings the art of emerging and under-recognized artists to the attention of museum curators.

The competition selection was especially difficult this time for there were so many outstanding submissions and the nature of art in our world today encompasses a wide variety of methods, materials and insights regarding what art is in contemporary culture.

In her insightful curatorial statement, Brinson wrote "As a museum curator working predominantly with living artists, I’m used to watching careers develop over time through exhibitions, visits, and critical reading. So it was a new and fascinating experience to assess a broad cross-section of works without any identifying information beyond images and captions for the submitted works and the artist’s name. The selection process is purely visual and based on documentary images rather than seeing the work in person – parameters that were initially disconcerting but which quickly led to an energizing and absorbing exercise that relied wholly on eye and instinct. "

As usual, Viridian makes an effort to expand the opportunities of more artists' being seen so the gallery Director's Choices will also be viewable in digital form. We feel it important to tangibly demonstrate that curatorial choice is often as much about personal taste as it is about the "quality " of the art. Katherine Brinson was selected this year not only for her curatorial reputation but also because she is a part of the museum committee that selects emerging art for the museum collection.

                  Director's Choice to be presented digitally 

 Aandra Aabdock*Angela Lau* Angelique E Anderson * Sarah Brook* Craig Cheply   * Cynthia Fleury * Lisa Goesling * Cecil Gresham * Peter Hiers * Thomas C. Jackson * Jun OgataSrividya Kannan Ramachandran   *Emily Lazerwitz   * Melissa May Metzler* James Mullen   * Leonard Myszynski   * Charlotte Patterson * Leonard Rosenfeld * Kimberly Rowe   * Jimmy Salmon   * Shawn Saumell   * Jim Shirey   * Judy Somerville *Myron Stephens * William Stoehr * R.J. Vojir * Jave Yoshimoto* Stanislav Ossovskiy * Joe Puglisi * Christopher Ruane* Tony Wells   * Michael Wolf* Renna Mae Zimmer