Press Release: Filippo M. Prandi

Filippo M. PRANDI
“The Deceitful Distortion of Time”

October 6th – 31st, 2015
Opening Reception Thursday, October 8th, 6-8 PM

Chelsea NY: Viridian Artistsis pleased to present Filippo M. Prandi’s first solo exhibit at Viridian. A filmmaker and photographer, the artist will be present on Thursday October 8th. The exhibit will continue from October 6- 31.

His first discovery of the creative possibilities in photography occurred in a college photography class in his hometown of Bologna, Italy. The revelation of photography’s magic was not from taking photos, for picture-taking was not part of that experience, but instead he was inspired by the Man Ray photo of Duchamp posing as his alter-ego Rrose Selavy. For Prandi, this photo opened the door to the possibilities of creating images that go beyond reality- images that take photography into the realm of fantasy & the limitless realities that artists create. Later, after coming to NYC, where he has resided for the past 8 years, he attended the NY Film Academy and put the final touches on his formal photographic education.

Filippo Prandi is primarily a filmmaker who became engrossed with still photography just two and a half years ago. He uses a 35mm camera to create his own reality with long exposures, a tripod & flash light. With these basic tools, he developed a technique, which he calls “light painting & flight brushing”. He’s not interested in the digital image or Photoshop, but instead still uses 35mm film, light and time to create his alluring, sometimes mysterious, sometimes erotic, sometimes ghostly imagery. Prandi sees himself as being akin to a farmer planting and harvesting seeds, but instead the artist he is “harvests” these “portraits” as moments sown in time.

Filippo’s intention is to create scenarios whose characters dwell in a world he has created for them as a director creates an actor’s world. An accomplished and prize-winning filmmaker who’s also working on his second film, Viridian looks forward to sharing these exciting and imaginative photographic images that tell a story in every image.