Gallery Artists Group Show" (celebrating our new location)
September 20th - October 15th, 2011
Reception Thursday, September 22, 6-8pm

Chelsea, NYC: Viridian Artists is pleased to present "MOVED", a Group Show of Gallery Artists celebrating the move to our new location at 548 West 28h St, suite 632. The exhibition continues from September 20th through October 15th, with an opening reception Thursday, September 22, 6-8PM. It’s always amazing how quickly time flies, but then we all feel that - young & old - in this age of quick upgrades and electronic gadgets that are out of date before they are worn out. Viridian’s ten years following our move from 57th Street to Chelsea, also has just ended. We remember our beginning here in Chelsea too well, for it was Sept 2001. This September, many galleries are having shows to do with the 10th anniversary of this immense tragedy but we did our Elegy to 9/11. Thanks to the encouragement of our President Emeritus, Barbara K Schwartz, the year after it happened we presented an exhibition incorporating an immense project of artists’ proposals commemorating that tragedy, curated by the sculptor Mary Miss. So let others commemorate that moment now and let us celebrate our move and the upcoming years at our new location, 548 West 28th Street, and also accessible from 547 West 27th Street. Now the Highline has an entrance on our block and Viridian continues to continue and move forward, as do the artists of today, responding to their personal realities and the realities of the world, whatever they might be. And so our show to open this 2011-12 season is called “Moved”. We have asked our gallery artists to select works that address the concept of “moved” in all its various ramifications, whether they be emotional, physical or other. Included in the show are: JANET L. BOHMAN, RENÉE BORKOW, CAROL BROOKES, JOHN CULLEN, MAY DEVINEY, ARTHUR DWORIN, DAVID DORSEY BERNICE FAEGENBURG, TAZUKO FUJII / OI SAWA, ALAN GAYNOR, WALLY GILBERT, ELIZABETH FEATHERSTONE HOFF, KATHLEEN KING, KIYOSHI KAWAGUCHI, YOUNG SAM KIM, VALERII KLYMCHUK, NAMIYO KUBO, ROBERT MIELENHAUSEN, DARRYL MOODY, BRUCE ROSEN, BARBARA K. SCHWARTZ, SUSAN SILLS, VIRGINIA EVANS SMIT, ROBERT SMITH, DEBORAH SUDRAN, BOB TOMLINSON, MEREDETH TURSHEN, MARY WELLS